Twitter introduces Highlights, a twice-a-day summary of interesting Tweets

On its surface, Twitter seems like such a simple service: post short messages, and read those from users you follow. But once you start following account after account, each one retweeting a seemingly endless stream of content, it can quickly become a bit much to handle. Rather than driving you mad trying to keep up with everything, or hitting you with a bad case of FOMO over what you’re not reading, Twitter has come up with a new tool to bring you content you might not want to miss, with the introduction of Highlights.

Highlights delivers a twice-a-day summary of content Twitter’s algorithm judges to be most germane to your interests. That will include Tweets from people you follow, active conversations between them, trending topics, and popular Tweets from users just removed from your own circle of followers. Once a Highlights notification comes in, you’ll be able to jump into the app and start exploring all these messages.

Especially if you like the idea of Twitter but staying on top of it sounds like a lot of work, Highlights could prove to be a godsend. It’s debuting as an Android exclusive, but Twitter’s open to the idea of making it available on additional platforms further down the line. To check it out for yourself, update to the latest Twitter client and toggle-on Highlights in the app’s settings.

Source: Twitter

*original post from pocketnow


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