Apple’s iOS is an illness, says new HTC ad

Technically Incorrect: In an ad that mocks rival phones and disorders in equal measure, HTC offers its latest attempt to outdo its last attempt at strange advertising. Yes, iOS is Irritable Operating System, apparently.

Pharmaceutical advertising is almost as enjoyable as some of the diseases it makes up.

It’s therefore difficult to mock something that is inherently funny in the first place.

However, HTC — slightly renowned for its occasionally bizarre advertising — isn’t easily deterred from adding to its repertoire.

So it has revealed an oeuvre that is positively brimming with what some might call humor, others might call lack of humor and still others might call startlingly tasteless spittle aimed at other phone manufacturers and especially those suffering from depression.

I take the fifth (glass of wine), naturally.

The ad purports to be for a drug called Cellami. But this, of course, is Cellami on wry. It wonders whether you might be suffering from Bi-Phonal Displeasure Disorder. This is the illness which makes you get no joy from either Apple or Samsung.

Your Samsung problem is actually Samsung Affective Disorder. As for unhappy Applers, oh, you’re suffering from Irritable Operating System.

The ad suggests that Cellami has helped “several people.” Those of guttural tendencies might offer that only several people have bought HTC phones, despite these phones being remarkably fine instruments.

Let’s not dwell on that. What would be a phone ad without a suicide joke? Yes, this delight offers that if you “experience frustration or thoughts of cellucide” after using Cellami, you should talk to your doctor.

All the time you’re watching this ad, you see a miserable young man living a sad life. He’s attempting to deal with the fact that he’s tried Apple and Samsung and both have left him depressed to the point, perhaps, of cellucide.

Should you still be with this work of art and not already miserable, it takes almost 1 minute and 25 seconds for the ad to declare that if you take HTC One M9, you won’t have to take Cellami.

The HTC YouTube blurb asks you to make “real decisions for yourself.” I have every confidence in you.

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