Racket Smashers!

There is no second opinion that a player becomes “Good or even Great Player” when he/she has complete control over his game, emotions and above all aggression.

Anger not only destroy your game but also gives advantage to opponent that he play with your aggression. Tennis indeed is one of the toughest game on this planet and toughest mean must have some aggression. Players who have control over this aggression were, are and will be successful in this game.

A lot of players have smashed their rackets to ground to express their frustration and I have compiled a list of them. Not of all players but who are now – by the time of this post are – at the top of their careers.

If you could recall your memory when Marcos Baghdatis smashed four rackets in a rage at the Australian Open 2012, but I’m here to let you know what I’m supposed to.

Novak Djokovic who is right now seed at no. 1 in ATP rankings has recently smashed his racket against Alexandr Dolgopolov in Miami 2015 which was pretty surprising to me as he is “World Best Player”, here is the video:

This is Novak! but what really made me wonder is the great “Roger Federer”. The cool and calm attire of Roger unveiled at that time when he smashed his racket against Novak Djokovic, here is the video:

This not just ends here Novak smashed his racket against Roger Federer in Miama 2015 final again:

Hope to have these stories more.

These events may cause a sense of bad behavior among us fans of tennis and tennis players but on the other side this shows how these players are involved in this game.


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