Back from THAT.

untitledI haven’t wrote anything after “A TRIP”. Couple of readers asked me why?? , so there is the reply to those beautiful, elegant & admiring readers and also to others who are not admiring, elegant & beautiful.

Actually my dear fellow, I was hell of busy in solving my affairs with13 people and among those 2 were most important for me.

I, by the grace of Almighty resolved all my issues with those people and now fully focused. I have planned to write a couple of blogs right from now and soon they are gonna publish on my WordPress blog site which is

WordPress is the platform which is used by fortune 500 companies and millions of people using it for blogging in Pakistan and all over the World. Its the second largest platform used for blogging in my country.

After this little description of my absence from blogging let me give you a chunk of my next blog. This blog will be all about a true determination a person should have in his or her work. What we had read about determination (maybe you don’t, but I had) was optimistic in nature and I think its not always positive, we have some great PEOPLE in this small world of population over 6 billion to use it in another way……… (SIGHS!!)

That’s it for now. Hope to have some appreciation from you after new blog.


Ateek Sheikh.


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