A Trip.

collage2It was started with 40 seats to be enrolled for a recreational trip to “River or may be as some said Valley Neelam”. So, we should reserve our seats before it ends, i along with my three friends made reservation with 100/- rupees and another friend of mine with just 50/- rupees. Most student want to visit Neelam Valley because of its charisma, some want to join their friends and others want to see *NEELAM……..    SO, when it was ended with enrollment there were 94 students visiting “THE VALLY NEELAM”

It was decided to depart from college at 9 pm, but was postponed to 12 am due to some reasons and main reason we got to know was ” its beneficial for us to be late here” not from there. This sentence is a copyright. We were at “Mian Gee hotel” in Lala Musa at about 2 am, didn’t found DAAL for which it is famous because it was in process of making, and then rain started. After a short stay of three quarter of an hour ,we headed to Jhikka Gali to have our breakfast there


It was a long journey to Jhikka Gali and take almost 5 hours of non-stop journey to be there. In the mean time i got to know a lot of things about some students, the bus staff and myself. During these 5 hours some students were sleeping, some were semi- sleeping and others were enjoying the state of being in which they were. At 7 am we were there, first finding bathrooms and then embracing ourselves with Paratha , Omelet and White Channy (grains) . After all these blessings we again find ourselves in journey to Valley Neelam……

At about 10 am we were at the place where we all were supposing to be “The Neelam Valley”. It was an enchanting place having the sound of rushing water all around with pine trees on both sides  of river up to the peak of  mountain. There was a main water stream Of River Neelam and many springs from different sides meet that stream perpendicularly. We first went to a spring stream joining River Neelam, but that water was not hot and was not too cold what we were expecting. Then a wise man among us told to go there In main stream and that was the best of experience we had…. WOW>>> ” THANDA PANI”……That was first thing we all said at first. Believe me, that was Cold.

After almost 3 hours, we were heading to which  was the most awaiting for me and many other students and that was “Lunch From College Management”  in Usmania Restaurant , Mall road , Murree. “Karahi Gost” was good enough to have in lunch, i think excellent if it is from management. ( No need to be so happy , we have already paid for that; this is what i am saying to myself right now) After lunch we were free to enjoy for almost 3 hours on Mall Road , Murree.

We stopped at Lake View park, Islamabad for an hour when we were steadily heading to home.

The reasons which forced me to write about that trip are:
1) to describe state of ” ECSTASY “.
I found myself 3 times on this trip to be in a state of overwhelming enjoy when nothing seems beautiful than that. Every person in his life has some moments like this, but time matters when it should be, But i can’t describe that moments in words, not just me i think no one can describe overwhelming moments.    and
2) To ask girls, women or whatever they think they are, not to ask but to told them that ” Gown and scarf are not for class or college, it can be use on trips as well.

*name is subjected to change as per reader “Desire” !!

Here are some pictures of that trip.


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