Double Face

our-evil-side-l How bad we are, we not just deceit humans but we can deceit The Creator. We seek mercy From Him and promise to be good in future but as long as we got something we demanded, we are again the same bad thing, which we were before.

Until now i was assuming that a person in a bad family can be a good one because exceptions are everywhere. Not because of exceptions but in reality it can be a case…!! A lot of examples of these cases are here in this entire world but i am not going to include in this blog as everyone of us know these examples more than i can explain to you.

Then why i am writing about this? I’m here going to explain you that we are deceiving our Creator by doing promises to gain worldly needs. Once we got that gain then we just show our backs. This forces me to think that its our brought up which matters and i say:


its impossible for person to be good from a bad source.

Here I’ll support my words with an example which just passed in my life. Due to Rules n Regulations of my own i am not going to reveal real names….!

The thing start from a very inhabitant area of my country, and somehow i am in a relationship with him. Surprisingly he was as different from his family as a Negro from a White man. Everything was in peace because of him as he was entirely against and different in his opinions from his family in foolish matters and was showing much maturity. The word “EXCEPTION” was actually happening…

BUT then, i found him in such a wrong, foolish and stupid approach which i wasn’t expecting, not just me, any sensible person would not expect from him after having a bit of conversation with him. Then this phrase came to my mind;

                                     “You can’t change NATURE”

Then i start exploring why he was of good nature which he is not now? After searching almost 37 days i got to know that he was suffering from a deadly disease which was compelling him to be good to others which will save his life as a mercy from Almighty Allah, by not being harm, harsh to anyone he was meeting. The Almighty Allah who claims, not just claims but HE is The most merciful,  bestowed His mercy onto him and he just recovered from that deadly disease.

This shows that he was just gaining sympathy from others so that he can be healthy enough to support his family in foolish, abusing things which they feel proud of doing. It was the fear of death which forcing him to be good and when the fear gone… He was just like his filthy family. He was not fearing now that what The Almighty would say to him? This is what we do , we commit Frauds with Almighty God , we deceit Him. We make promises of not doing anything against His will but we start doing as our interest settles.

I’ll end my blog with a beautiful text message i received tomorrow that:

“Our life revolves just around a single phrase
What people would say?
What will people think?
Not fearing that;
What The CREATOR would say

About our actions. “


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