The Ideal Believe

believeHow can i be some special one if i don’t believe that i can be? I started this blog with a question not to ask you but this was the question continuously messing in my mind. Then i realized that almost everyone in this world have a belief to believe in. So, here i will share with you 3 stories of my life of BELIEVE, just 3 stories not a big deal.

~ My hand was burned by a fire caught plastic as i was playing with fire, pain just covered my hand and i was yelling MAAAmaaa!!! along with weeping and i was 18 years old. Seems a little bit stupid but i was. After some Medical Treatment pain was same just like piercing my hand with a needle on my own. Suddenly just came into my mind a 3 step procedure which was told by my teacher and when i did that 3 step procedure i start relieving from pain and finally i was not feeling pain but wound was still there.

~ I found my brother actually fainting in front of me due to intense pain in his head which was most likely a

Migraine. He is a Doctor by himself but non of the treatment was working before he was fainted and everyone in our home was worried as he is the most healthy person of our house with 6 feet height and 19″ biceps. I, then applied the same 3 step procedure on my brother and when he woke up after an hour, he was like nothing went wrong with him.

~ Last event which made me to believe in that 3 step procedure and this one is gonna be more like a fantasy for all of you. One of my relatives (who is not familiar to me now) was fighting with cancer in his house after discharging from one of the best cancer treatment institutes of the world Shaukat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital. Myself along with my father visited him to know about his health. When everyone leave his room then i met him personally and i apply this 3 step procedure on him with the firm believe that he will be a normal person soon, and soon was not very far away exact after 2-3 months he traveled from his home driving his car almost 65 km and he is recovering very fast by the grace of The Almighty!

Now the question is “What is that 3-step procedure?” Its not something special that you should do, but to do that you have to be special.
I am simply mentionening this 3-step procedure, but keep in mind you should have a firm grip on these 3-steps to be successful.

If you WANT to learn this 3-step procedure, feel free to contact me and believe me its free !!


14 thoughts on “The Ideal Believe

  1. Natasha says:

    It’s a story how is it possible.
    Maybe your brother cured due to no of treatmentshe does. And your relative due to best treatment institution.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Natasha!
      Maybe it is, then what about my hand?
      I didn’t said anywhere that it the only treatment you should consider to a doctor.
      It’s the power if believe about which I have written.
      Hope the answer to the question!

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