Facebook temporarily bans the phrase ‘Everyone will know’

Some Facebook users have experienced a weird phenomenon: errors typing the phrase “Everyone will know” into text boxes. Sounds creepy, but looks true.

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Google’s Nexus 5X and 6P won’t compete with iPhone 6s

The next batch of Nexus smartphones won’t compete with Apple’s iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus – let me tell you why. It’s not because Google doesn’t have the chops to work with a manufacturer who can out-class the iPhone 6s’ specifications. As we’ve discovered very recently, that’s no longer an issue. The real deal here is that Google does not want to out-sell the top manufacturers of Android-based smartphones. That’d be bad for Google’s Android business.

Unlike its competitors, Google carries a variety of smart devices by manufacturer partners in its online store. Google launched Android TV with its own Nexus Player. Once NVIDIA released its own NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, Google saw that it was good and began carrying it as well.

As I said earlier today, Nexus devices are meant to be boring. They’re not meant to be bad – absolutely not. They’re meant to be a baseline for all other non-budget Android smartphones in the future.

Google doesn’t make a ton of cash on Nexus devices. Apple, on the other hand, makes MOST of its cash from the iPhone. Apple makes a massive amount of money selling the iPhone – the hardware.

Apple has very likely racked up over ten million pre-orders for the iPhone 6s.

Meanwhile Google lumps Nexus sales in with their “Other” category during financial earnings calls. Nexus devices are NOT meant to be a major revenue source for the company.


Instead, Google remains all about Android. The software. As Omid Kordestani, Chief Business Officer for Google, said earlier this year (during Google’s FQ2 call), “We started with one device, one carrier, and one OEM – the T-Mobile G1 in 2008. [This] has grown now to over 400 OEMs and over 500 carriers who make over 4,000 distinct devices.”

Google wouldn’t – and won’t – risk that by releasing a couple of Nexus smartphones that out-spec the rest of the the top-tier smartphones on the market today. The fact that the iPhone is amongst theses top-tier Androids has little to do with where Google draws the line on Nexus device specifications.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus hit stores this Friday, while the Google event on the 29th of this month should end up revealing two new Nexus devices – one from LG, the other from Huawei.

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Facebook now lets publishers push Instant Articles from any CMS

Publications can now push Instant Articles directly to Facebook from a favorite content management system (CMS).

Without ever leaving a CMS like WordPress, Facebook is letting publishers push content directly to Facebook. It has also released the documentation to make that possible (spoiler: it’s a bunch of HTML5).

The idea behind Instant Articles is obviously more content on Facebook, but the documentation provides much more control. Things like auto-play can be controlled, and publishers can add interactive maps to an article. Today at TechCrunch Disrupt,  Facebook’s VP of Ads & Pages Andrew Bosworth hinted at better performance for Instant Articles, too:

We saw a behavior on Facebook where they’re clicking on the news and it takes 8 seconds to load. You have to wait for content. We’re trying to work with publishers to give them a way to deliver their content, a great user experience, and ads so they can get paid for what they do.

Instant Articles is basically an RSS grabber, but the tools allow for finite control via Facebook. With a few code tweaks, a static bit of media may take on a new life via Facebook, and all links relate back to the publisher’s website so no traffic is jeopardized.

In addition to releasing tools for all publishers, Facebook says it has “over a dozen additional partners” joining its Instant Articles program.

Publishing Instant Articles Directly From Your Content Management System [Facebook]

Google Chrome browser can be crashed with only 16 characters

If you use Google Chrome as your browser, there is a new flaw that you need to be aware of that could have your browser crashing. The flaw has to do with a specially crafted 16 character link that if you type into Chrome and hit enter will crash the browser. You don’t even have to click enter to crash the browser. Continue reading

7 Types of Thinking to Give Up Immediately

Have you ever met someone for the very first time and seconds later you cannot recall their name? Or maybe you have had the all too common experience of arriving in your garage with little recollection of the journey home. All these everyday common occurences indicate that the average person is spending a large portion of their lives lost in thought.

It’s often been referred to as the monkey mind and many people can probably relate to the analogy of a playful child. The truth of the matter is that your brain loves to play. It is “on” every moment of the day. And if there is nothing entertaining in the outside environment it often resorts to playing indoors. Continue reading